teen bedroom design

DIY Pirate Bedroom Design

Bedroom design with a variety of themes and forms has been widely applied in several homes. There are minimalist using a variety of angular shapes and lines in the form of bars and contemporary classic that uses various kinds of ornaments, carvings and vintage. If you’re so bored with the conventional design, it would be nice if making your own bedroom design that you want. In addition, a pirate-themed bedroom […]

dining room centerpiece ideas

Dining Room Ideas for small house

Dining Room Ideas in the design of the house is very important because in addition to the function that has been obvious that eating places are also places where all family members can gather while enjoying the food being served. The design of this room is usually close to the kitchen, especially if the size of the house is not too broad enough. This situation makes the dining room can […]

living room with white fireplace

Cozy Modern Living Room with Fireplace at Apartment

Modern Living Room with Fireplace inside the apartment is suitable for occupancy, especially for people who need shelter for relaxation from the daily routine. In a variation of the design and architecture of modern minimalist d├ęcor, fireplace has become a fixture in the room. It has characteristics to warm the body so as to make the inhabitants more relaxed. In changing times, it has several generations of the past. Some […]

kids room painting ideas

Outer Space for Kids Room Ideas

Kids Room Ideas has become one of the planning design in the family home. In a few years it’s been a lot of families who want their children to have their own room where their kid can play, learn, sleep and make it feel at home at home. The Increasing number of movies and video games to make space themed kids become very interested with this. One of them is […]

in ground pool designs for small yards

Build In Ground Pool in Small Yard Brick

In ground pool in small yard brick in modern home design is very necessary to give the impression of a home to make it more perfect and beautiful look. The pool itself has a lot of types in its application to the home. In standard housing, in ground pool is the type most widely used by most homes. The standard size of the private pool is 12 feet x 24 […]